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Hi here! 
Long time no journal update, so here's a quick overview of the past 6 months of my life 8D Fun huh?

1) got me a boyfriend who's willing to be my cospartner for some future costumes, so that ROCKS!
2) I'm currently one of the responsible people for the WIP part of J-pop con, which is cool.
4) I've already manages to crank out 4,5 costumes, seeing as the 5th one is really not all too keen on getting done.
5) I've begun to take really small commissions, which is a lot of work, and nother way to do things, but it's fun! 
6) I'm currently in the middle of exams and this is my last resort procrastination method!

Here's three of the 4 costumes I've done in 2014 (No Ryuko photos yet)
Haruka Nanase, Arabian ending version, Free! Iwatobi Swim Club:
We Can Almost Reach It by ChikaraDesu
Sakizo's Merry-Go-Round Horse artwork:
Sakizo - The Merry-Go-Round by ChikaraDesu
Soraka, Classic Skin, League of Legends: 
The Starchild by ChikaraDesu

Besides that I'm currently working on Bunny version Panty and Stocking for myself and :iconmie-rose: and fuming over how badly my battlesuit Sango from Inuyasha doesnt wanna get done. (Cause looking at it helps a lot)

Catch you laters lovelies <3 
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SO! Since GEEkcore is over and all is well and I forgot to update I figured I should get myself in gear and get going! Alas, here I am again! 

You can watch me with ChrixDesign have a few panels at GEEKcore here
Most of the videos are in English, so I hope you'll be able to enjoy it :D 

Besides that I've been trying to work on a Sakizo cosplay, but it's been going very slowly seeing as my school keeps interfering! urgh, why education, whyyyyy?! not much else to say on that front!

MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL!  should very soon start to become more lively! I'm currently sick and tired of being bedridden so I've decided to film some footage to the upcoming couple of videos I've planned! 
I've had an idea about talking about some of my costumes and why I chose these characters and so on and back, seeing as I find it hard to communicate that properly through words :D SO keep an eye out for Yoko and Wonder Woman talks! 

Christmas is coming up and with that a packed schedule from school, so I apologize in advance for the radiosilence that will fall once we hit sometime around the 1st! 

To round all this off, I'd like to know what you think of my latest effort to upload more regularly. Is there anything you wanna see in particular?:party:

See you around!
Hi again!

Stuff has happened since last time, so here's a quick update!

At Genki 2013 in August this year I had my first solo performance at their cosplay show! it was scary but SO cool!
you can watch it here!

New school which is great and stuff.
New people, places to be

And then Mie-Rose and I went ahead and shot this promo of Esther which im really happy with! (This is mie's first vid, check out her mad skills!!)

AAAAAANNNNDDD then I goinged the GEEKcore crew as coordinator for comics and cosplay so that's also new! 

See you around!
By accident I read through my old journal and found that a new, happier one was in place. 
Hence: New journal! 

since last time I've moved out and 5 hours away from home, and in with Mie-Rose in our new appartment! which is super cozy and stuff! We lead a good life here and I hope that'll continue ~ :heart:

I've also gone to Desucon 8 in Oslo with said Mie-Rose, KamiRenee, Zuum and aWacko and gosh! I met so many amazing people and I cannot urgh :heart: feels :heart: 
At Desucon I debuted Esther, and had my stage-virginity taken in our trinity blood act 8D woop 

I'm super proud to be able to call this my first act! I had so many nerves about starting in the middle of the audience and then walking to the stage! but I didn't fall and it went well :dance:

More Desucon is below! please enjoy our geek out, amazing cosplays of the Norweigians and get a feel of the great mood at Desucon 8 :heart:

enjoy geekytime!

also: I was admitted into the school I wanted to get into so that's all snowflakes and rainbows! :party: and all in all everything just seems to have fallen into place. I feel way more calm now, even with all the new things going on around me, so I am sure it was the right decision to move out now :heart:
I also got a new job here at the new place, so that's a real treat to be able to support myself without having to take student loans!

besides that I'm currently working on Yoko, Wonder Woman and a genderbend Haruka from Free! Iwatobi Swim Club for Genki~ I am also slowly collecting the stuff I need to do Yellow Ranger from Dekaranger /Power Rangers SPD with Red-Space-Ranger as Deka Green, so that's all exciting as well!

For more regular updates and stuff please check out my facebook page, that's mostly where I roll <3

Thanks for reading lovelies!
/Louise out!
Hey there!
I thought I'd make some kind of thing on here, so you'll all know that I indeed did not pass away 8D

Basically my life is a bit hectic right now as I'm looking for an extra job, I'm moving out in like two months possibly, this, of course, is only depending on if I get into my dream education atm. which I won't know till later.. and so on and on and on!

I try to distract myself with a lot of fun times with friends, cosplay and stuff, but sometimes it just isn't enough.. I've been dealing with feelings of not being able to get "fully" happy, in lack of better words, but my doc says it's not at depression. So I've been putting more and more effort into feeling good and smiling a lot.

so I make a lot of lists to keep track of all things going on! wa hey!

Right now I'm working on a cosplay of Esther Blanchett from Trinity Blood, which I'll debute at Desu con 8 in Oslo together with KamiRenee, Mie-Rose and Zuum :heart:

also: expect a bunch of pictures coming up of Katara and well.. Katara

/Louise out

✖ You must post these rules.
✖ Each person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
✖ Answer the questions the tagger set for you, and create 10 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
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✖ Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
✖ No nonsense in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this."
✖ You have to tag 10 people.

✖ I fucking love these little x'es
✖ I am always scared of not being good enough
✖ whenever I cosplay I always try to put my heart and soul into the costumes
✖ I bitch a lot to myself in my head.. also about others
✖ I'm moving out this year and I'm nervous as shit!
✖ I am single but forever a sucker for romance
✖ I like to party
✖ Learning and discovering new things and ways of doing stuff always gets me in a great mood, and so I pursue the path of eternal lerning
✖ I'm not always that deep
✖ I have a thing for superheroes.. (like a THING)

✖ What is just above your monitor?
- right now: my wall, usually:  my hobby rooms' messy shelves
✖ Cake or Pie?
- aw man.. uhm.. I like both.. cake can both be too much and perfectly fat.. and pies can be delicious and sweet or downright nasty. or food-pie.. food-pie is good
✖ What sort of pants do you prefer - why?
- Skinny jeans/jeggings cause they're comfortable and lets me move the way I want!
✖ What is your top 3 "Celebrities that needs to be on my body"?
- ... can I pick The Flash, Red Hood and Nightwing? .. no? well, then I think it's David Tennant, Hugh Jackman and Scarlett Johanson .. maybe..
✖ Would you rather live in luxury at a boring place, or barely making it in a really interesting place?
- barely making it in an interesting place. Luxury is somthing one gets used to, but a place that is interesting usually changes in a fluid motion, making it possible to be preoccupied by ones surroundings, and hence distracting one from a though and possibly poor life.  
✖ Your ultimate ship? (Or one of them, because you probably have a lot)
✖ Which cosplay are you sick and tired of seeing (conventions/online)?
- ahahaha Bad Naruto cosplays.. And the original version of Miku Hatsune.. and slenderman.. and Mario.. and random neko girls in sailor fukus.. ):
✖ One type of fabric that always manage to sneak itself into your cosplay?
- bistretch always seem like an easy solution for different stuff, but I guess I have a very balanced way of chosing fabric, as I choose according not only to practicality, but also the characters background and story.
Different kinds of jersy are always good for bootcovers though xD
✖ A cosplay that you haven't set a date for, but is going to happen?
- Megara from Hercules, Captain America USO girl, Wonder Woman (DC), Revy from Black Lagoon, and Yoko (hunter version) from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann! ALL MY PLANS!
✖ Your favorite part to make in a cosplay?
- oh man.. uhm.. I'm just gonna mention parts.. in no particular order: Shoes/bootcover, styling of wig, pattern and detail work I guess :D
Everything out of the ordinary

Now I'm supposed to tag people and then ask them questions.. but I'm so tired, so go do it if you want to and answer Kami's questions<3

So I haven't really used my dA for a long time...

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 3, 2011, 12:45 AM
Hence I've decided to do a little something for my watchers here ! :D

I'll be taking 5 requests which I will finish sometime in the next 3 months!

You may include up to 3 characters, and your request should preferably have a 'setting'.
For example: "Superboy and Black Canary from Young Justice Kissing"

Which is also a request made by :iconanonnim:


1) Superboy and Black Canary from Young Justice Kissing

2) Harley and Joker having "fun" smashing stuff

3) draw Ryka… for :icondevliann:

4) YJ crew for Poralizer on Tumblr


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Journal Entry: Sun Oct 9, 2011, 11:59 AM
Starting Livestream now :D

Just some doodles and maybe a batgirl to loosen up my exam stress ? xD
come look come look :dance:


Previously made on livestream:

Naruko by ChikaraDesu PSG meme by ChikaraDesu Nuclear Candy by ChikaraDesu Catch the light by ChikaraDesu RobxKF by ChikaraDesu Robin by ChikaraDesu Miss M by ChikaraDesu A Night Over Gotham by ChikaraDesu Nightwing Genderbend by ChikaraDesu

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Journal Entry: Fri Jun 3, 2011, 1:22 PM
Starting Livestream now :D

Kitty!Timmy for :iconcolours07: and requests :D

come look come look :dance:


Previously made on livestream:

Naruko by ChikaraDesu PSG meme by ChikaraDesu Nuclear Candy by ChikaraDesu Catch the light by ChikaraDesu RobxKF by ChikaraDesu Robin by ChikaraDesu Miss M by ChikaraDesu A Night Over Gotham by ChikaraDesu Nightwing Genderbend by ChikaraDesu

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OkashiiCon 2011

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 7, 2011, 3:47 PM
This weekend I went to okashiicon with a bunch of friends, among them were Zarsu and ApfelAstrid and we had lots of fun ~

OkashiiCon is a small convention held in Malmö, Sweden, and if was actually my first con outside of DK, so I was really exited to go, both for that reason and because I happen to have a preference when it comes to small cons in comparison to bigger cons like the danish J-popCon.

Okashii turned out to, not only meet, but to totally overwhelm my expectations! Everyone was nice, it was a good location, I got to play Cod Black Ops (god I gotta get that game!!) and I met a bunch of new friends <3
It's been a while since I made friends at a convention, so I was really happy I didn't scare them away with all my fangirling :dance:

you might be thinking 'fangirling? she really does that?' and yes, yes I do. honestly I thought I'd stopped since last time I did it was 1½-2 years ago, but then these people showed up, first Friday cosplaying from Hanna is Not a Boy's Name by vert-is-ninja (go read it here ->

HiNaBN Okashiicon 2011 by Kritzkreig
Aren't they cool? :D


Young Justice by idaiku17

It's just soooo coooooollll!!!! you guys all know how serious/stupidly-taken-in-by Naruto I am right? okay, I remember how I felt the first time I watched Naruto, like.. 6 years ago.. and it's EXACTLY THE SAME AS I FEEL ABOUT YOUNG JUSTICE!!! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!! I DON'T EVEN KNOW A ICON THAT'D FIT MY EMOTIONS RIGHT NOW?!?!?

so thanks to you guys for now being scared of me, and talking to me, I'm so happy we got to talk! I hope to meet up with you guys soon!!! NO HOMO!!

:iconxlumina: :iconzarsu: :iconapfelastrid: :iconkritzkreig: :iconaiconx: :iconicegreyeyes: :iconskeletonmachine:

I also seem to have found a now slash pair besides SasuNaru that I ship.


Young Justice premiere Nov 26 by OlgaUlanova
their bromance makes it impossible for me not to see all the possibilities *3*

and guess what? the awesome AWESOME HiNaBN-group totally COSPLAYED THE YOUNG JUSTICE TOOO!!!
CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?! I was like prepared to wait till fall to see anything that would or could resemble a cosplay of the YJ!
and then there they were, Saturday morning in all of their shining glory making me fan squeal like I was 14 again ;) oh the joy!

Personally I cosplayed Naruko, for whom I've made a headband, a skirt as  seen in the drawing I did of Nauko a while ago, and I added some modifications to the Jacket

Naruko by ChikaraDesu

Last but not least, if you've come this far in my happy rant of fan-girl, thank you for still being here with me, even if I'm totally impassive and the likes. I'm sorry for the lack of updates, but IB's been eating my time for realz! D:

you can see more resent updates of what's going on with me here:

Love you <3 Till next time

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Result Here:…

SO! I decided I wanted to try livestream! :D


so the tryout went well! I had one viewer! woo! :dance:
therefore I'm going to do it AGAIN!
so! hopefully I'll go in air at 8pm (Danish Time) if my dad allows me to taking that it's my birthday :laugh:

see you there!
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Hey there!

I am still as alive as ever! Heart beating yet again after leaving my boyfriend on the other side of this world. but! as I said: Now I'm fine :la:

Also, I can see the curve has been broken, and that's because now I am starting to upload Deviations again!
I've expanded my area to Photography (which you haven't seen yet haha :laugh: ), digital art, and paintings.

Over the time where I've been inactive, yet still here to keep an eye on you all, I've become quite the serious cosplayer, even if my wardrobe as yet to be obviously belonging to a cosplayer :D
I have several plans for future cosplays, so keep an eye on me ! :D :heart:

I've also engaged a bit in the Japanese fashion, to be precise: The Lolita Fashion! oh my it's so cute! :love:

Since I last wrote to you I've started for real in the IB system (the International Baccalaureate World School). oh god it's hard. well, not really, but I DO have a lot of homework :tears:
Homework enough for 2-3 hours a day woo!

I'm still fighting for the art though!!

got a blog: (it's mostly in danish, but I think I'll change that)
and a formspring:

So to sum it up:
My life has been a mess, but I'm back on track.
I am now busier with school.
I'll be at your service online in more places now <3

TTYL: I love you, thanks you for watching :love:
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I really REALLY need a new journal skin D:

but I can't seem to find any I like D:


any recommended skins anyone?

sorries and a tag

Thu Jun 3, 2010, 1:02 PM


Hi everyone! <3

I'm sooo sorry for not being active at all lately!!
I guess that's the the price for attending IB world school ^^'
right now I'm in the middle of studying for this years exams..

other news:
I'VE BEEN ASKED TO DO A POSTER FOR A MAGAZINE!!! :D can you believe that?
I'm gonna do the mascot for DK's first Manga magazine, comic party!/pages/Comi…

I'm sooo looking forward to it! yay!

further more:
I got tagged in this by

here goes ~

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• Go to their pages and tell them you tagged them!
• No "tagbacks", or I'll chew your arms off!

I tend to have a weakness for exotic guys :meow:

I don't mind wearing my dad's clothes once in a while

I REALLY REALLY WANT A CAMARO 1972, black with the green streaks, and of course leather insides!! <3 <3 <3 <3 :drool:

I would DIE if I bumped into a site were I couldn't use chikara as my alias :p

I can't do realism for SHIT! xD

cosplay: soooo expansive! but way better than anything I've ever done before

Water is my element! When in water you feel nothing, not even yourself, and can just focus on your thought :D

I find more than one think in Family Guy disturbing!
(then again who doesn't)

wahahahahahahh!!!!! that's what you can find me saying/laughing around town on several occasions :D

This really was a struggle!

there you go
10 things bout me

I'm not gonna tag 101 ppl :p
no way

if you see this, do it if you want to <3

hello 2010

Fri Jan 1, 2010, 10:38 AM


yes, I'm gonna write one too, but fear not; I'll make it fairly short ;)

in 2010 I've promised myself that I'd lose weight and work harder on my school.
I know that school's gonna take us a lot of time, and now that I've gotten a boyfriend too, it's going to be even harder for me to get the time to draw *sob'sob*

I have a few things ready for you guys that I've been drawing since October, and I'm also very sorry for not updating them.

here at the end I feel like I need to tell you that I love you, and that I'm happy that you're supporting me, even when I'm not uploading much..

2010 has been a year with mixed emotions for me, and all those that's brought me misery and hurt in 2009 is forgiven in 2010 because I still care for them, and I know they do the same.
on the other hand I hope I can be forgiven too.

I hope I'll see more to you in the new year! :hug:

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OOOOOooooOOOOiiiiiiiiiii!!!!! 1!

Tue Dec 15, 2009, 10:18 AM


Journal Entry: Tue Dec 15, 2009, 10:10 AM

See ya all very soon

Random fandom:

Special deviant: No one at the moment.

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just as promised

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 9, 2009, 2:39 AM
Well, hellow there again :meow:

So I'm finally home from a cool weekend at Valby Kulturhus, were I was attending J-pop con 2009!

Hanging out with all the guys, missed them yay!
drooled over :iconmarian93: and :iconthelupin:'s cosplays of lambo and gokudera!! god! they're awesome! i:
Went to :iconkurikku:'s place and talked to a bunch of sweedish ppl, including :iconheavy0:
home a 3pm ^^; was sooooo tired

cosplaying Yoruichi.
had a photoshoot with heavy and madman, fuun
met up with like.. 20 bleach cosplayers!! :w00t: and got a group pic ^^
then the Cosplay show, which was okay.
some of the acts was really REALLY good!!! and I think it's the right ones who won, no doubt!
the winners are gonna represent denmark at WCS *party*

just ganging around, having fun, and then, going home <3

thanks for a nice con,
I'll see you at SVS <3

See ya all very soon

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J-pop con 1009

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 5, 2009, 3:39 PM
okay, so today, the 6th of November, it's finally time for J-POP CON!
it's going to be my very first j-pop ever!

oh, btw.. j-pop is the biggest convention in Denmark.
I'm gonna say hi to a lot of people that I haven't seen for a very long time!
among them is:
:iconheavy0: :iconthelupin: :iconmarian93:
and others but I'm too lazy to write that :D

anyway, since my Spidergirl cosplay didn't get ready, I'm noly going to cocplay one charater:
Yoruichi from bleach :D

Saturday I'm going to be a model in one of my friends j-fashion shows
:iconzarsu: that's her
we're going to present a bit of loli styles, and it's going to be awesome :wow:

I'll post pics of some of it, not all of it, because that's just annoying :XD: but some, like my cosplay

:hug: I miss you all!

See ya all very soon

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Journal Entry: Fri Oct 23, 2009, 3:50 PM
Okay I know it's lame, but I don't wanna go to bed! :D

I'm turning 16! :meow:

throwing a real big party tonight (24th) and it's gonna be great! :D
maybe I'll post pictures :dance:

anyway, I need sleep, bais :love:

See ya all very soon

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